Patternway iBPMs Overview

Patternway iBPMs is an intelligent business process management suite which is the next generation of enterprise BPM. It employs the new advances in technology to provide operational intelligence and  responsiveness. Patternway iBPMs enables business and organisations to coordinate, monitor, and execute business tasks. It extends the functionality and capability of a Business Process Management System to include other intelligent based activities and functionalists.


The life cycle in business process management activities in Patternway iBPM  has the following phases: define, design or model, simulate, deploy or implement, execute, monitor, analyze and optimize business processes. However Patternway iBPMs is much more than just a regular BPMs. It includes intelligent functionalities which provides a holistic approach to the modern day's business process management challenges.  Patternway iBPMs follows Gartner Group's research on iBPM and includes the following main components:




1. A process orchestration engine

2. A model-driven composition environment

3. Content interaction management

4. Human interaction management

5. Connectivity

6. Active analytics 

7. On-demand analytics

8. Business rules management 

9. Management and administration

10. A process component registry/repository


Process Orchestration Engine is a BPMN 2 based execution engine which resides at the heart of Patternway iBPMs. It is responsible for the orchestration the tasks and activities within each process and executes them accordingly.

Patternway iBPMs provide a model driven environment where processes can be designed and simulated using the provided BPMN design editor.

The Human Interaction Management (HIM) component provides the collaborative, innovative and adaptive aspects of human work and emphasizes the human communication aspect in businesses rather than the automated workflow tasks. Based on goal-oriented organization design, it enables integration of organisational design with actual work practices.

The interaction management component helps business managers interact with their customers as well as their teams for better performance, delegation and team building. It provides the facility for multiple users to collaborate on projects. By providing better and easier access to data it enhances human interaction in performing business processes.

Patternway iBPMs provides connectivity and integration facilities to other systems through the Enterprise Service Buss (ESB) architecture. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Web services  are important aspects of Patternway iBPMs which enables business processes use data from disparate systems throughout the organization.

Patternway iBPMs suite includes a suite of tools that helps decision-making in dealing with different business scenarios. It works with other applications to provide the intelligence to the integrated systems to handle tasks in a productive manner. It can help system to send email messages and notifications or alerts and warnings that are proven to be necessary. It can also help and systems to give priority and better discounts to valued customers.

The on-demand analytics enables access to real-time business intelligence to create historical and trend analysis. It offers flexible architecture that allows business users to demand specific analysis based on their analysis requirements.

The Business Rules Management System (BRMS) module of Patternway iBPMs enables operational decisions such as claim approvals, cross-sell offers, pricing calculations and eligibility determinations to be defined, deployed, monitored and maintained outside application code. It enables non-technical business users to be directly involved in business rules management.



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